Credit Unions were started by regular, working people in the 19th century because they needed financial institutions that would serve their communities and fight for their interests.

A lot has changed in the last 200 years, but the need for financial institutions that serve and stand up for their communities is greater than ever.

At Community Leadership and Economic Democracy (Community LED), we believe that Credit Unions can again be transformative institutions that lift up their members through better financial products. Through public policy development and advocacy, marketing and outreach, participation in community events, and engaging their members through trainings, Credit Unions can strengthen their entire cities.

America is hungry for institutions that are trustworthy. Thanks to their community-centered charters, transparent design, and membership structures, Credit Unions are perfectly situated to build upon their existing trust to address these needs. In the process, we expect millions of Americans to move their deposits and loans to Credit Unions because research consistently shows that we’re willing to pay a bit more to do the right thing.

Community LED is here to connect leaders and members (and prospective members) of credit unions, to craft cause marketing campaigns and partnerships, to develop internal membership engagement strategies, and to build new strategies for credit union growth.

Join us.

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